Pokémon Y = aX + b

As someone who hasn’t kept up with gaming news as of late, it was quite the surprise to me when my friend and fellow Quixotic Syndicate writer, James Frontier, messaged me saying:

I’m actually quite excited for the new Pokémon.

What new Pokémon? Was it PokéPark 3? Pokémon Snap U? A new spin-off that’s interesting for once? More Mystery Dungeon games? I decided to ask him and he replies:

Pokémon X and Y.

Pokémon X & Y?

Welp, he seems to think I’m an idiot – if you’re going to try to fool me, at least come up with a name that’s more believable. Literally almost anything would fit that category: Sweet & Sour, Xenon & Krypton, Fruit & Vegetable. Anything.

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