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Robotics;Notes and Steganography: Revealing Gunvarrel’s Subliminal Images

Finding images hidden within images… not as hard as hacking SERN.

In Episode 13 of Robotics;Notes, the most recent one, Frau Koujiro takes 19 random images found in the leaked final episode of Gunvarrel, and by manipulating those images, she manages to get 19 completely different images with hidden letters in them. Surely this is silly and unrealistic. Nope, it’s actually quite plausible.

Hop on, reader, and assume the role of Frau, as I teach you about the wonders of Steganography and have you reveal the subliminal images found in that clip yourself! (As long as you have PhotoShop or GIMP… otherwise you’ll have to take my word for it.)

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Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 1 – Initial Thoughts & Analysis

“You’re such a baby.”

At first glance, Shaft’s new anime seems like your average show about a hikikomori girl that stalks her clueless older brother, who’s always holding a briefcase or similar object to conceal his face, and is completely infatuated with her to the point of doing her every chore – the stalking feat of course, being done from the comfort of her computer where she can creepily watch him from every angle in high definition as he goes about his day as a teacher with a perverted coworker who looks 9 but is 31, her childish sister who looks 31 but is 9, and the middle  one who’s always sleeping.  Oh wait, that’s hardly average at all… whatever – point is: it gets even better, and way crazier.

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Pokémon Y = aX + b

As someone who hasn’t kept up with gaming news as of late, it was quite the surprise to me when my friend and fellow Quixotic Syndicate writer, James Frontier, messaged me saying:

I’m actually quite excited for the new Pokémon.

What new Pokémon? Was it PokéPark 3? Pokémon Snap U? A new spin-off that’s interesting for once? More Mystery Dungeon games? I decided to ask him and he replies:

Pokémon X and Y.

Pokémon X & Y?

Welp, he seems to think I’m an idiot – if you’re going to try to fool me, at least come up with a name that’s more believable. Literally almost anything would fit that category: Sweet & Sour, Xenon & Krypton, Fruit & Vegetable. Anything.

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The “Beginning” of the Quixotic Syndicate

You, sailor of the interwebz, appear to have stumbled upon the roots of this plant of justice, or something chuunibyou-esque like that. I’m no good at introducing things, it seems, however I find it essential to have something marking the start of a project such as this – but is this even the beginning at all?

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” ~Napoleon Hill

It took awhile for this idea to bloom, and even longer for it to become the project of a group of six. We fought for what must have been at the bare minimum three hours on what the name for this blog was going to be before settling for the Quixotic Syndicate. The blog set-up, and it took even longer for a post to get made. To say this is truly the beginning of our “adventure” would be definitely a lie. Hopefully though, in the future it’ll be so far back into the past that such technicalities become irrelevant.

Eh, it was always irrelevant – I just wanted to look up an intellectual quote online and write something surrounding it to sound smarter. Let’s get onto what matters, shall we!

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