2 Mello – Chrono Jigga

2 Mello – Chrono Jigga

“I’m not a video game remixer. I’m not a nerdcore artist. I’m not a mash-up composer. I’m just a kid who loves video games, and loves making music, and I love Jay-Z too… There ain’t no great rapper who plays video games… but there needs to be. There are kids who aren’t ‘hard at all’, there are no kids who don’t have any swag, whatever, but they’ve got a mind can make brilliant lyrics and express themselves, but they might not, because they don’t think they have what it takes to be respected in rap.”

That is the statement said on the Outro of Chrono Jigga, the new mashup album by Kentucky rapper 2 Mello. As the title implies, the album is a mashup of the Chrono Trigger soundtrack and various Jay-Z songs.

2 Mello really lives up to his nickname of “Super Producer”. The songs are mashed-up perfectly. One of my favorite tracks is the mash-up of “99 Problems”, “Masamune Problems”. The beat sounds triumphant while Hov spits the immortal lyrics of “99 Problems”. Another standout is “Ignorant Scene”. The beat makes it sound like a hopeful song about triumphing over poverty and being a famous rapper who makes somewhat ignorant songs that everyone loves. Fittingly so do the lyrics.

However sometimes it’s quite obvious that these are two separate songs, instead of being perfectly mashed-up. Like on “Marle, Lucca, Schala”.

Overall, however, I think the album is a great example of a mash-up album, with fantastic production and a great ear for them matching lyrics to a beat. If 2 Mello’s rapping is as good as his production, then I’m eagre to here more. I give it a 9/10

Have you heard the album? Did you know it exists? You can check it out below


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