New Games Announced for U and your Wii U

How will U play?

Nintendo revealed new games for the Wii U today on their Nintendo Direct video, and did they deliver. To draw in the crowd to take the Wii U more seriously before Microsoft and Sony are getting ready to announce their next-gen consoles, the Big N is getting us hyped for this year’s E3 for a couple of games they are going to show off.

Egg-cellent Yarn Adventure

Yoshi is returning back to console in his upcoming yarn-based adventure. From developer Good-Feel, known for Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Wario Land: Shake It!, the currently-untitled new Yoshi game is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that uses similar textures to Epic Yarn.

Sailing into HD.

The GameCube classic is being revamped for the Wii U. Coming out in Fall, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is being remastered in HD and will be supporting Miiverse, Off-TV play, and new GamePad controls. Nintendo has also announced they are developing an entirely new The Legend of Zelda game, as well as a new 3D Mario game, a crossover of Shin-Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, a new RPG game by Monolith Soft, and a new Mario Kart game to be shown off at this year’s E3. Not only that, they will also show off screenshots (and ONLY those screenshots. Sorry, no gameplay trailer or any sort) of the upcoming fourth Super Smash Bros. title during their E3 conference.

Increasing the Universe.

In the upcoming updates during Spring and Summer, Miiverse will be able to support the ability for users to create their own communities and filter function. Also in Spring, Nintendo will release a Miiverse smartphone app so users can access to their Nintendo Network IDs and browse through Miiverse. Outside of the new Miiverse features, the updates in Spring and Summer will improve the loading time accessing through the menus and will bring new features to the Wii U.

Back to the basics.

The Virtual Console is returning and launching the service on the Wii U after the Spring update. At launch, the service will not have the entire library it has on the Wii already, but it will have NES and SNES games. Buying the VC games off of the eShop will give you the ability to customize your own control setup, save the game whenever you want, access to Miiverse, and can use Off-TV play. If you already transferred your VC games from the Wii to the Wii U, you will get a special discount to buy the game again off the eShop. To celebrate the anniversary of the Famicon, the eShop is having a Virtual Console Trial Campaign that started this month and runs until July. During the campaign, the VC titles that are part of it will be discounted for 30 cents for each month until it ends. Here is the list of dates when these titles will be added on the eShop and will be discounted:

Balloon Fight: Today (1/23) thru 2/21
F-Zero: 2/20 thru 3/21
Punch-Out!: 3/20 thru 4/18
Kirby’s Adventure: 4/17 thru 5/16
Super Metroid: 5/15 thru 6/13
Yoshi: 6/12 thru 7/11
Donkey Kong: 7/15 thru 8/13

Are U excited?

I cannot wait for these upcoming titles Nintendo is going release soon. And not only those, but also next month’s Rayman Legends and March’s LEGO City Undercover. With all of these games being to be shown at E3, Nintendo might hit it out of the ballpark and dominate the other two big companies unless they show how serious they are with their next-gen consoles.


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