Vividred Operation Episode 2 – Thoughts & Analysis

Whoa there, grandpa.

Welcome to Week 2, everybody. In this new episode, it is more action-packed with Akane and Aoi testing out their new abilities, a closer look at the Alone, and even…some yuri between the two girls?


The beginning of the episode picks up right after where the first episode ended, with Akane successfully transformed in the Vivid System. Kenjiro explains to the two girls that they must perform the ability known as “Docking” in order to destroy an Alone.  Another key pops out of Akane’s outfit, which allows Aoi to activate her own Vivid System and we get to view her own transformation sequence. The Alone tried to attack Akane and Aoi right after, however it missed and damaged part of the island. In response, Akane summoned her, apparently named, Operation Naked Rang weapon and done  a scratch to the alien.

Better than Operation Clothed Rang.

The Alone gunned down a jet fighter, causing it to ram into Aoi. The jet fighter and Aoi spiraled down the sky and crash landed on a battleship, killing the pilot and our main character. Alright, show’s over. This is the final episode of Vividred Oper-, wait a minute, Aoi caught the jet before it clashed into the ship. She summoned her Operation Naked Impact and began helping her best friend and the jet fighters in combat against the Alone. Aoi discovered an odd piece on the alien and ordered Akane and the fighters to attack it, revealing its weak point. Kenjiro commands the two girls to destroy the Alone by using Docking. And how do they activate their Docking ability? By kissing.

That is the power of friendship.

Entering in a naked space scene, Akane and Aoi tried to fuse their powers into one, but failed and snapped back into reality. The girls were confused in why the ability was unsuccessful, as Kenjiro discovered they did not have enough power because one of them is hiding a secret from another. Flashback to two years ago, Aoi and Akane’s friendship began when Akane almost threw a newspaper at her face, then offered her a tomato as an apology. Back in present time, Akane refuses to accept that there is a problem in their friendship while Aoi felt guilty. On top of a tower nearby, the mysterious girl from the beginning of the first episode takes out her bow and fires an arrow at the Alone, causing it to regenerate and increase its strength. With none of their attacks affecting the extraterrestrial, Aoi decided to confess her secret to Akane that she has a dislike for tomatoes. The two tried to perform Docking again, with it being a success, and the girls and their powers were fused into the Vivid Blue Operation.

With our powers combined…

With the combined powers, Aoi kills the Alone with her Naked Impact. The next day, Momo told Akane how worried she was and hopes she will be more careful next time. On their way to school, the two sisters and Aoi were shocked to find out that their school was destroyed from the alien invasion. At the end of the episode, a National Defense Forces officer ordered the three girls to transfer into a new school.

Wrapping Up

It’s what friends do.

After this episode, I am liking this anime a bit more. Like its spiritual predecessor, the aerial combat is stunning, Aoi’s Vivid System design and her Vivid Blue Operation design is well-done, and the opening credits is impressive. I’m interesting in learning more about the mysterious girl and how much of a treat she will be to our heroes. I also want to see how Akane and Aoi will be in their new school and the new friends they meet along the way.

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