The “Beginning” of the Quixotic Syndicate

You, sailor of the interwebz, appear to have stumbled upon the roots of this plant of justice, or something chuunibyou-esque like that. I’m no good at introducing things, it seems, however I find it essential to have something marking the start of a project such as this – but is this even the beginning at all?

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” ~Napoleon Hill

It took awhile for this idea to bloom, and even longer for it to become the project of a group of six. We fought for what must have been at the bare minimum three hours on what the name for this blog was going to be before settling for the Quixotic Syndicate. The blog set-up, and it took even longer for a post to get made. To say this is truly the beginning of our “adventure” would be definitely a lie. Hopefully though, in the future it’ll be so far back into the past that such technicalities become irrelevant.

Eh, it was always irrelevant – I just wanted to look up an intellectual quote online and write something surrounding it to sound smarter. Let’s get onto what matters, shall we!

The Quixotic Syndicate will be the home for posts of various subjects, all relating to media. Cartoons, comics, movies, music, video-games, all of that will be covered by us. The ratio between each type of content is something that only time will tell, but we hope it’ll evolve into something pleasing to a wide variety of people. Our posts will probably range from humorous to analytical to informative, depending on the subject and author.

Now, we’ll have an author page where everyone will be introducing themselves properly, but for now I’d like to give you a brief introduction of my own for each of the six people who make up the Quixotic Syndicate. Humorously.

TehVict – I’m mad scientist, it’s so cool, sonuvabitch. My hobbies include playing video-games, watching anime/cartoons and reading manga/comics – but that’s only when I’m not attempting to take over the world. Ultimately known for quickly dropping projects, I hope to make that change with this one.

JesseRoo – Jesse vi Britannia commands you… This guy has the odd habit of procrastinating on doing the things people usually do for procrastination. Quite the odd fella, ends up looking at the ceiling all day instead of playing his Minecraft mods or trying to minimize his humongous Plan-to-Watch list.

Cobalt/HemusK/Hemu/Science Nothing amazing happens here. Everything is ordinary. He’s an indie everything connoisseur and has the longest list of desired professions. Last time I checked, being a blogger wasn’t one of them, but there’s always room for one more. Also, he’s a trap. But not really.

James Frontier – Kicks logic out and does the impossible. A big fan of Marvel and cartoons, and the richest bastard among us. Once a huge anime fan, he’s been putting them aside lately. His favorite video-game series is Uncharted and his favorite Vocaloid song is Butterfly on Your Right ShoulderWhy all these random facts? Idk.

RedFire Mario – /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Make a contract and become a magical girl… James Frontier’s clone brother, it’s hard to tell the two apart sometimes, but rest assured RFM will stand out as the bigger pervert. The man only watches ecchi but insists it’s for the story and character development. Okay, I’m kidding RFM, ilu.

N –  Wooooow, dancing in the shadow. You never quite know what’s going on inside this mysterious creature’s mind. He’s able to hold a proper conversation most of the time, but will get entertainingly (or annoyingly) aggressive, dumb or random out of the blue. wow. WOW. Faggot. That’s probably what he’ll say after reading this.


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